Regal Stone  | by pavestone®

Pavestone's Regal Stone rear-lipped SRWs includes a comprehensive assortment of block heights, depths, and face styles to satisfy virtually any structural or aesthetic requirement. A proven block design with an extensive record of field performance, comprehensive support and expertise, and the experience accrued in manufacturing over a billion retaining wall units, our rear-lipped SRWs have become a trusted favorite of specifiers, installers, and owners alike

Stone Sizes
Deco  |  6"h x 12"l x 15.56"w
Tri-Plane  |  6"h x 12"l x 15.53"w
Straight  |  6"h x 12"l x 16.78"w
Rockface  |  6"h x 12"l x 16.78"w