Commercial Series | By mcnear brick

Old California Series is the most authentic factory-made "reclaimed" bricks  on the market.  The broad offering ranges across many colors palettes, and can be found in retail and residential applications across the country.

  • Standard: 8 1/8"L x 5/8"W x 2 7/16"H
  • Modular: 7 5/8"L x 5/8"W x 2 1/4"H
  • Utility Thin: 11 5/8"L x 5/8"W x 3 5/8"H
  • Norman Thin: 11 5/8"L x 5/8"W x 2 1/4"H
  • No expensive footings or supports required
  • Faster construction times
  • Easier to insulate
  • Do-it-yourself friendly
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