About Us

Whether it's in our showrooms, quarry or our distributor channels you'll find the highest quality building and landscaping stone man known to mankind. Because natural stone may be the most versatile product available in building and landscaping, we pay special attention to the details of your plan to ensure that the right stone is specified before the order is placed. Whether you are a homeowner, builder or architect, we encourage you to talk with us very early in the project to discuss the preferred stone for the application you have designed. The team of experts at Apache Stone can assist you with recommendations that add quality and character throughout the entire project.


Since the 1950's countless styles have come and gone, but for Apache Stone two things never go out of style: providing quality products for your home - all at a great value - and giving you the highest level of customer service possible. Apache Stone offers a full line of building and landscape stone. Currently Apache Stone operates locations in Arizona and Nevada. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Halquist Stone Company based in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is currently in its fourth generation of ownership.



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