Full veneer vs. Thinstone

Full Veneer

  • Typically 3 to 5 inches in depth
  • Requires a foundation footing
  • Installed with wall ties
  • Averages 35 to 40 square feet per ton is typical
  • Strong and time-tested method of installation

Advantages Of Thinstone™ From apache stone

  • Same high quality stone as full veneer
  • Typically 3/4" to 1 1/2" in depth
  • Roughly similar in weight to artificial stone
  • Reduced weight allows it to be installed where full veneer can not or is too difficult
  • Requires no foundation footing - it's supported by the wall rather than the footing
  • Average of 3,000 square feet of stone per truck
  • Long lasting durability that's based on proven track record over centuries with full veneer
  • Allows a creative and custom pattern as each piece is different and unique
  • Similar in costs to artificial stone - only it's the real thing!



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