mcnear thin brick Collection

McNear Brick recognizes that Thin Brick is an important and growing sector of brick construction, and offers many shapes and sizes of Thin Brick to be used either independently, or in conjunction with matching full-depth brickwork.

  • Standard: 8 1/8"L x 5/8"W x 2 7/16"H
  • Modular: 7 5/8"L x 5/8"W x 2 1/4"H
  • Utility Thin: 11 5/8"L x 5/8"W x 3 5/8"H
  • Norman Thin: 11 5/8"L x 5/8"W x 2 1/4"H
  • No expensive footings or supports required
  • Faster construction times
  • Easier to insulate
  • Do-it-yourself friendly
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