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Replicate the appearance of masonry in your landscape design with the Brandon Collection.  This classic collection offers the aesthetic appeal of brick garden walls while providing the functionality of a double-sided, easy to install interlocking retaining wall system.  It is a multi-length system available in two heights package separately, 90mm and 180mm, allowing for modular or linear designs.  These designs can be used to build a retaining wall against soil erosion, create raised planters or subtly separate spaces when used as a decorative blade wall.

  • 90 MM
  • Pillar - 3 9/16"H x 9 13/16"W x 14 13/16"L
  • UNIT 1 - 3 9/16"H x 9 13/16"W x 9 5/8"L
  • UNIT 2 - 3 9/16"H x 9 13/16"W x 14 3/8"L
  • UNIT 3 - 3 9/16"H x 9 13/16"W x 15 15/16"L
  • Texture - Slate




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